By giving us your package to deliver and receiving our official waybill form and/or pick up receipt, you agree to all the terms of this pick up receipt and/or acceptance form. On this terms and agreement, “we”, “our”, “us”, ABest refer to ABest Express Inc., while “he/she,” “Sender/seller,” “You” and “your” refer to the shipper

    1. Prohibited item - The shipment contains no hazardous, prohibited items such as but not limited to drugs, home appliances, computers, electronics, tilt meters, temperature instruments, pirated items, guns, air soft guns, toy guns, explosives (solid, liquid, or gas), ammunitions, flammable solids, organic peroxides.
    2. Valuable item - The shipment contains no valuable items such as lottery tickets, animals, cash or any equivalent (coins, currency, paper money, negotiable instruments equivalent to cash such as endorsed stocks, bonds, cash letters, checks), valuable documents such as but not limited to original copies of passport, visas and land titles, as well as valuable items such as but not limited to jewelries gadget, electronics. Shipment’s value for non-COD is a maximum of P 30,000 in per receipt. For COD, shipment value is a maximum of P 2,500 per receipt
    3. Perishable item - ABest does not accept shipments that are, high perishable, perishable and subject to inherent melting such as but not limited to baked goods.
    4. Liquid - ABest does not accept shipments that are fragile, liquid, shampoo, perfume, lotion, water base make-up etc.

    • If the shipper continues to send these items, the shipper will send at absolutely his/her own risk. ABest will not be liable for damages incurred by shipping perishable or breakable items as well as inherent damage and spoilage incurred during pick-up, transit and delivery of these items.
    • The only time ABest will be liable with shipments that are fragile, liquid, perishable and subject to inherent melting is in the very rare case that the shipment is lost from our handling & provided the shipper has an indicated a declared value in the receipt and paid the valuation charge.
    • ABest Express Inc. may at its option open and inspect the packages prior to acceptance. At any time, the packages may be opened by inspection with your presence or with the presence of a government official.
    • This shipment does not contain anything that, its carriage is prohibited by Philippine law, statue, or regulations. In such case that an item prohibited carriage by Philippine Law is sent through ABest Express Inc., our company holds the right to report shipper/seller to Police and for the item not to be returned.
    • In any case the shipper/seller and/or consignee/buyer sends/receives anything prohibited by Philippine law, only the shipper/seller and/or consignee/buyer shall be liable for any legal action resulting to these.
    • Fragile, breakable item including plants need to be crated to assure arrival of shipment in good conditions at the destination.
    • ABest reserves the right to refuse service to shipper/seller who are suspected of fraud and anomalous transactions.


    • The sender/seller shall ensure that all parcels:
      1. Have their delivery orders uploaded into Abest portal dashboard prior to pick up shipment
      2. Adhere to the parcel specifications
      3. Are individually labelled by with the generated tracking number
    • ABest courier will pick up booked shipment once confirmation of booking received from ABest.
    • Non-refundable COD service fee will be collected from shipper.
    • COD is available only for orders that do not exceed collection amount of P 2,500/receipt. Declared value of COD shipment is a maximum of P 2,500 per receipt
    • ABest courier will collect shipping fee based on size of receptacle, and valuation charges of P10 or 1 % of the declared value of your package, whichever is higher, the insurance value will never be shown to your receiver/buyer
    • Self generated printed waybill outside ABest branch is deemed provisional only due to validation from ABest head office (e.g. wrong amount in shipment size)
    • Abest courier allots maximum 15 minutes waiting time to the shipper/seller.
    • Abest courier has to screens acceptances, reject those which fail to meet acceptance rules including but not limited to improper packaging, prohibited items etc.


    • ABest courier allots maximum 15 minutes waiting time to the Consignee/buyer or his/her authorized representative to receive the shipment.
    • ABest will give the shipment to anyone on the given address as long they provide the COD amount.
    • If shipment Outside, delivery zone (ODZ) areas, ABest will not accept ODZ area for COD.
    • ABest notifies the shipper/seller for unsuccessful delivery attempt to the consignee/buyer. ABest perform a second attempt to deliver.
    • If a delivery problem caused by the shipper/seller with reasons such as but not limited to problematic, shipper/seller agrees that he/she is obliged to give correct delivery details and/or pay additional cost of re-delivery (if any) within three 3 days from date of last attempt, If shipper/seller cannot be contacted, or give correct details or pay additional cost for change address or fails to pay the return freight, ABest holds the right to hold to dispose of shipment fifteen (15) days from the date of 2nd delivery attempt.
    • In case consignee/buyer refuse to accept/pay The COD amount, ABest will not be responsible for failure to collect amount. Dispute will be between seller’s buyer. Shipping fee paid by shipper is non-refundable. Shipper/seller request for return shipment should pay return freight charges.
    • Consignee/buyer is not allowed to require ABest courier to witness the opening of the shipment prior to paying the charges. Courier will have to return the shipment to the branch.



      ABest delivers up to two (2) times. If consignee/buyer fails to receive COD shipment In spite of two (2) attempts, ABest issues of notice of disposition following below subjects:
      Day 1 – 1st Notice of disposition
      Day 2 – Wait reply
      Day 3 – 2nd Notice of disposition
      Day 4 – Wait reply
      Day 5 – 3rd/Final notice of disposition
      Day 6 – Wait reply
      Day 7 – Disposal of ABest

      • If shipper requests return of COD shipment, Shipper needs to pay return freight to Origin branch
      • If payment confirmed, ABest returns shipment to shipper.


      • If ABest fails to receive any reply from shipper, he waves the right to claim the shipment. ABest shall automatically dispose the shipment


    • If 2nd attempt fails, ABest returns the shipment to the shipper/seller within 7 working days from the final attempt and fulfilled its delivery obligations, Shipper/seller pays for return freight prior to its fund return.
    • If the consignee/buyer refuses to receive, and/or pay for the shipment, despite our two (2) attempts to deliver on COD, ABest automatically returns (RTS) the shipment to shipper/seller provided return freight is paid by shipper/seller.
    • If shipper refuse to repay return freight shipment shall be disposed by ABest. Shipper uses his right to claim the shipment


    COD amount collected will be credited to your nominated bank account on the listed choices bank on the registration app within 5 to 10 banking days (excl. bank processing time) from the successfully delivery date

    Shipper shall be given choices of banks where COD account created. In case shipper has no account on the bank listed, ABest shall deposit COD amount to shipper via of the following Gcash and Palawan Express, transferred fee will be deducted to the remitted amount.

    ABest will deduct the Pay-out fee from the cash collected, only after we have delivered your shipment

    The amount you will receive will already be the net of the Pay-out fee and settlement fee, depending on the payment mode requested by the shipper/seller.


    Declaring the proper value of the shipment (for non-COD maximum amount of P 30,000 per receipt, for COD shipment value is a maximum of P 2,500 per receipt) will always be the basis to determine shipper’s claim. Thus cannot file a claim higher than the amount of declared value. Claim approved will be equal to or lesser than the amount of declared value.

    Your shipment are insured by default against damages and losses when your shipment are picked up and you have paid both the shipping fee and valuation charge as stated in your waybill

    In general, an item is considered “lost in transit” if it is not delivered to the receiver within 30 calendar days from the date of pick up, in which case the shipper/seller should file a claim within (7) calendar days immediately after.

    For damages warranting a claim against ABest, you may file for a claim in case of:

    • Content damaged upon delivery when packages were accepted in good conditions
    • Broken item/cargoes inside the carton when proper fillers / separator / protectors are present
    • If the damages resulted due to improper packaging (e.g. fragile goods not packed with cushioning by shipper/seller), such claims for damages should be settled between the shipper/seller and the consignee/buyer, Claim filed by the shipper after seven (7) days from date of receipt of recipient/buyer shall be deemed invalid.
      Basically, it’s the shipper/seller responsibility to pack and ship the correct items and with the appropriate packaging materials as stated in our packaging guidelines, Any claims resulting from improper packaging or having the wrong item delivered is the responsibility of the shipper/seller, and must settle the claim directly with the receiver.
    • For a single shipment:
      1. Submit this "claim form" to log your claim
      2. The form can only accommodate one shipment claim per one form submission
    • For multiple shipments:
      1. Submit your claim by emailing customer.relations@abestexpress.com with subject “claim Request”. Your email must contain the details stated in the ensuring statement.
      2. For claims submitted via email, the Claim email must provide a list of all relevant waybill bills. The claim email must also specially state the nature and amount of each claim.
      3. Make sure you attach a copy of the waybill of the shipment and in case of damaged items, photos of the damaged items
    • ABest reserves the right to require additional documents and/or information in which we deem necessary to property evaluate the claim
    • Only the shipper/seller may file claim from ABest. Recipient/buyer are not allowed to file a claim for damaged goods received by another party. the shipper/seller must formally file a claim through the form/email above.
    • Claim with incomplete documents will be received but will not processed.
      1. We will advise you via email that your claim is either lacking a documentary requirement or requiring additional documents and/or information from you.
      2. If you fail to submit the missing or requested documents, your claim will be denied without further notice.
    • Upon submission of all the required documents, please allow us 14 calendar days to process your claims.
    • In the event of a successful claim or a claim that is reconsidered after a timely contest of the denial is field, please allow us an additional 7 calendar days lead time to process the check for payment of the final amount payable. You will be asked to submit a bank account number or e wallet use where we can transfer your settled/refund.
    • In the event that a claim is denied, the client shall be informed of the basis of denial and shall be given 7 calendar days from the time of receipt of the denial letter to contest the same. Failure on the part of the client to contest the denial within the special time shall render the denial final.
    • Claims under dispute are exempted from 14 calendar days lead time for processing of claims.
    • In case of partial loss of content, the claims shall be prorated based on the weight of the shipment.
    • For COD, maximum amount to be declared is P 2,500 per receipt, This is be maximum amount we can collect from the buyer.
    • For prepaid shipment, maximum amount shipper can declare is P 30,000 per receipt.

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